About Us

The CDS organization and its worldwide warehouse partners are committed to providing honest and professional services to all facets of industry. CDS will assist you with your questions regarding public and contract warehousing services. Our goal is to be the single source of global warehousing services for all segments of industry and to reduce the time to search for warehouse services.

Tap into our international network of warehouse options and explore the wide variety of services and programs designed to reduce your distribution costs and expedite the movement of your products to your customers.

The assistance provided by CDS is cost free and professional. We offer over 35 years of industry related experience with warehousing, airfreight, ocean shipping, U.S. Customs, FDA, USDA, contract warehousing, regulatory matters, motor carrier and rail car services.

Contact our office and we will be pleased to provide detailed information and rates for your warehouse and transportation requirements without obligation or cost to you or your company. It does not cost any additional expense to use any warehouse partner in the CDS organization. Their rates will be very competitive!

If you contact any CDS warehouse partner advise them that you used our web page to secure their information.